You can do simple redirection with CNAME (alias) records from one domain to another.

However, if the target web-server runs multiple web-sites on the same IP address (and most do), then it is not enough to simply point another name to it via DNS. You also need to configure the web-site on that web-server to accept the additional domain name.
When redirecting with a CNAME record, the web-server will still only "see" the original domain name entered into the web-browser address field.

Also, a CNAME record can only point to another domain name - not a sub-directory or a specific web-page.

So i f you do not have access to configure the target web-server, or if you want to redirect to a sub-directory or a specific web-page, then you will need to use HTTP redirection instead.
You can do this with the HTTP Redirector plug-in or by some type of server side script on a web-server.